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Simplifying desktop management in Azure.

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Benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop

Workplace flexibility

                       Imagine working where you do not have to worry about the device you are using, location you at, or situation you are in. WVD offers you the ease and flexibility to leverage the same technology and work seamlessly. Embrace the remotely working situation that comes along with productivity.

Significant cost savings

Envision a working environment where cost is not a thing to worry. WVD offers free service if you are an existing Windows user or if you own a Microsoft 365 license. Pay only for your cloud consumption and what you use. Increase your utilization of VMs with Windows 10 Multi-session and avoid upfront costs.

Decreased security risks

Maintaining a virtual environment comes with tremendous concerns regarding security. WVD offers built in security to securely store the employee data in Azure instead of local desktops. Strengthen security by adopting offerings from Azure like Azure Firewall, Azure Security center and Azure Sentinel.

Deploy and Scale in Minutes

Simplify your deployment and the management of your infrastructure by using WVD to quickly scale based on your business needs. Increase the business agility and scalability while optimizing cost savings on licenses, hardware and achieve maximum success.​ 

Desktop Virtualization Adoption and Modernization Process

We understand switching to a virtual environment is a major change and can be challenging but we are here to help you adapt to the much-needed change. Our team of Azure experts and the cloud consultants will provide you with cost optimization, performance optimization and remote productivity strategy well suited with your organizational needs.


  • Create a plan that is tailored according to your organizational needs to gain maximum benefits from your infrastructure.


  • Create new environment adhering to the plan to leverage Windows Virtual Desktop capabilities to maximize productivity goals.


  • Onboard your employees and users to WVD to make use of best practises and get the most out of Virtual desktop environment.

Securely Manage

  • Strengthen security by making use of threat protection tools to keep your infrastructure’s data secure and stable and manage it effortlessly.

Ready to switch to Windows Virtual Desktop?

Take a leap forward and move toward increasing Enterprise productivity. Move to a VDI environment and leverage the benefits that WVD offers for every organization.

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