Robust Managed security-as-a-service. Safeguard assets with Azure’s native solutions for seamless protection and compliance

## Purpose: The purpose of this offering is to provide flexibility to the client where they can opt for MSP service only relevant to Security

    • 24×7 Monitoring of SOAR tool provided by the client or Azure Sentinel
    • Reporting to CISO or relevant stakeholders in case of issue
    • Quarterly review of the environment and provide reports of the current state of security posture.
    • Provide recommendations on vulnerabilities.
    • Assistance in implementing suggestions provided by Security (Up to certain hours and limited to Technology)

## Onboarding of User:


    • In this phase, the Managed Services team will go through resources identify the current state, and report to the customer
    • Gets access to all the resources.
    • Discussions with owners of resources to get more understanding.
    • Discussion with the CISO team to understand the process and procedure followed in the current company


    • Initiate handover process with IFI Managed Services Team
    • Create an SOP and Run a book to document the process and key people.
    • Take control of all security products and remove access or set them as reader access of customers.
    • Onboard customers to ITSM tools
    • Setup Alerts with the IFI Managed Services team

3)Manage Service

    • 24×7 Monitoring of alerts
    • Provide improvement for security score (Monthly)
    • Set up governance and policy on Azure environment as per the benchmark defined by the security team.
    • In case of an alert inform the security team
    • Work with Azure and customers in case security risks are detected if they can not be resolved in-house.

Note: Please reach out to for detailed scope and pricing.