About Company

A multinational company which is a part of significant technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and financial services conglomerate. It has global operations providing integrated ‘design to build’ solutions to large and complex Offshore and Onshore hydrocarbon projects worldwide. The company has over three decades of experience and expertise in the hydrocarbon segment.

Project Summary

  • The client needed a smart solution to monitor and collect data regarding the vessel fuel stored on their ships.
  • By leveraging Azure IoT Hub as its core solution the clientele is able to procure a single, holistic view of quality data on a global scale. With the data being collected and reported through Power BI, the organization is able to make better and smarter decisions regarding the fuel stored in the vessels. Employees can get a deeper understanding of production and in turn optimize operations.


  • The customer needed a solution to pinpoint potential issues which can be faced during operations in a fast and reliable manner. Having a highly resilient solution was a big importance to them to ensure business continuity.
  • They also needed real-time visibility into the status of vessel fuel management to meet its productivity goals.


  • Our team was able to assist in building a highly resilient solution in Azure to capture and monitor data from the client’s on-premises vessels.
  • The IoT devices which were connected to the on-premises vessels sent communicated with the Azure IoT Hub through a gateway.
  • By using Azure Stream Analytics the data from the IoT hub is transferred to Azure Blob Storage. Once the data is stored in the storage account Azure VMs are used for processing the data which would then be stored in Azure SQL database.
  • With the data stored in the Azure SQL database the clientele was able to create reports with the help of Power BI.
  • They needed a solution which used technology that can be scaled and proved resilient to open up a new set of doors for them. The combination of Azure IoT infrastructure and Power BI has had a profound effect on smart decision making and efficiency of productivity.




Construction and Engineering

Organization Size

Large (1000 + employees)

Products & Services

• Azure IoT Hub
• Azure Stream Analytics
• Azure Storage Account
• Azure SQL Database
• Azure VM

Post Implementation Benefits

1. Improved performance
2. Better Decision Making
3. Monitoring

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