Project Summary

The objective of this project is to build WVD infrastructure that allow users to use the intranet business applications through secure virtual desktop, hybrid connectivity is established on the on-premises end which leads the connectivity to the applications. We have configured the Virtual Network Gateway which contains multiple tunnels to connect to the multiple locations. From the security standpoint this is much more compliant and secure as compared to the VPN as we have control over the domain policies and network platform.


  1. Users are unable to connect to the applications and internal sites through personal assets.
  2. They are unable to provide the same configuration to access the applications and sites.
  3.  Due to lockdown employees could not get access organization applications running on-premises.
  4. Application cannot be made available over the Internet due security reasons.
  5. On-premises applications were running multiple offices and only available through private network.


  1. We have configured the VPN Network Gateway having four Site to site tunnels to connect to the on-premises sites from Azure.
  2. We have implemented the WVD to connect to their sites and applications through the tunnel connections.
  3. With WVD (Virtual Desktop), Intermiles was able provide remote access of the intranet applications over the Internet while keeping application and databases on-premises.​
  4. Intermiles were quickly able to scale environment for 30+ employees working remotely. Users were able use the resources from their personal assets.




Travel & Tourism

Organization Size

Medium (51-200 Employees)

Products & Services

• Azure Virtual Machines
• Azure NAT Gateway
• Azure Files
• Azure Storage Account
• Azure Monitor
• Virtual Machines
• Azure Backup
• Azure Automation
• Logic App

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