About Compamy

GizmoFish service a wide variety of industries. Two areas of specialization are accounting and biotech businesses. We are familiar with the software and technology used in these businesses, their business models, and the day-to-day challenges they face. No matter what the industry, however, our customers have some things in common. They are all high-value professionals who rely heavily on IT to get the job done. They all have very little tolerance for downtime. And they all have sensitive data that must be both accessible AND protected. That is why customers hire GizmoFish and it’s why you should too!

Project Summary

Gizmofish had environment in AWS, also they had infrastructure in Azure. Client also running their SQL server, remote desktop server, Domain controller server and Application server in AWS. They are looking to centralize their environment in Azure due to compatibility in Azure for Windows and SQL Server environments.


Monitoring, Administration, Backups and Disaster recovery is a challenge in AWS. Cost of Windows machines was higher in AWS comparative to Azure.

Skilling in multiple cloud vendor was another challenge for small IT team.


We migrated all their server from AWS to Azure and migrated client’s VPN tunnel into Azure. We utilized Azure VPN gateway to remove Third party solution and instead used Azure native capabilities to achieve cost reduction. Also, Gizmofish were able to achieve the DR and backup at much lower cost as what they are paying in AWS. Utilizing Azure Database migration service played a key role in facilitating seamless transitions and ensuring efficient management of the migration process. This service enabled us to effectively migrate critical components, such as SQL server, to Azure, enhancing compatibility and streamlining operations. Additionally, leveraging Azure Database migration service allowed for cost-effective disaster recovery and backup solutions, further optimizing the client’s IT environment.


United States


Information Technology

Organization Size

Small (50-100 Employees)

Products & Services

• Azure Virtual Machines
• Azure Backup
• Azure VPN Gateway

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