Jammu Smart City is embarking on a transformative journey to migrate their workloads to Microsoft Azure, aiming to leverage the cloud’s scalability, flexibility, and reliability while optimizing costs. The project entails the migration of Jammu Smart City existing on-premises infrastructure and applications to Azure, utilizing Azure’s wide array of services to scale their IT environment.


The primary challenge migrating Jammu Smart City workload to Azure was to ensure consistent latencies to allow data transfer from Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) captured from multiple locations in the city to Azure for video processing. This was achieved using Express Route and GPU enabled virtual machines.


Migration of on-premises servers and applications to Azure, leveraging Azure Site Recovery and Azure Migrate for seamless migration.

Implementation of Azure Virtual Machines for scalable and cost-effective infrastructure.

Implementing ExpressRoute to provide a private, dedicated connection to Azure, which can offer more reliability, faster speeds, and lower latencies for their workloads along with enhance security.

Reduced IT infrastructure costs by 30% through the adoption of Azure cloud services with reservation with AHUB utilizing their existing licenses and optimizing resources by assessing and rightsizing their workload based on performance.




Public Sector

Organization Size

150 Employees

Solution Area

Migrate to Azure