In our project, we configured Microsoft Teams for IRCS, utilizing the capabilities of their Microsoft 365 Business Premium license. Key features such as chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and collaborative document editing were leveraged. The impact of our solution on the client’s collaboration and digital transformation efforts was significant, enhancing communication, streamlining workflows, boosting productivity, and enabling seamless remote work capabilities, thereby facilitating efficient and effective collaboration across the organization.


Our client has previously been accustomed to using the G-Suite platform, and transitioning to the M365 platform poses a significant challenge. We are tasked with configuring the new platform and providing comprehensive training and guidance to ensure seamless productivity among end-users. Users underutilized collaboration features such as document sharing and integration with other apps. Users faced difficulties in organizing and managing channels and chats efficiently, leading to clutter and inefficiency. Users encountered technical issues or had questions about using Teams after the initial onboarding period


Our solution, initially tailored to meet our client’s specific collaboration needs, boasts a modular design and scalability that render it suitable for broader adoption within the market. Leveraging features aligned with the Microsoft 365 Business Premium license, it ensures accessibility and affordability for organizations seeking similar collaboration solutions. For our client, we devised a streamlined MS Teams training schedule catered to both administrators and generic Teams users. In addition to “training the trainer” sessions, we conducted group sessions on setting up Teams, joining existing teams, organizing the team interface, and engaging in conversations. Through our phased MS Teams adoption approach, we assisted the client in developing a change management plan to facilitate their cultural transformation. To drive enthusiasm for platform adoption, we orchestrated awareness campaigns targeted at the client’s IT team, stakeholders, and key influencers, thereby instilling confidence in the new collaboration hub among the broader team.






Organization Size

1000+ employees

Solution Area

Modern Work