Fast forward your Digital Transformation journey! Your business continuity is our priority. Therefore, we brought you some FREE customized Microsoft Workshops to set your business apart from competitors with the right Microsoft offers. These workshops will be available as per worth $5000 based on how you are currently using their services.

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MCI Workshops are aligned with Microsoft solution plays and customer needs.
These Workshops are partner-led engagements designed by Microsoft that enable you to:

  • Get a clear picture of your current meeting solutions, spaces and practices.
  • Showcase solutions catered to the unique needs of your business.
  • Map the journey to deploy and adapt the plan.

Workshop Overview (Video)

Type of workshop

Modern Work

Harness the power of M365 by improving employee productivity & satisfaction and create more seamless communication amongst the team with:

  • Collaborative Apps
  • Endpoint Management
  • Hybrid Meetings and Rooms
  • Microsoft 365 Digital Workforce
  • Microsoft Syntex
  • Microsoft Viva & Insights
  • Modernize Communications
  • NextGen Windows

  • Security

    Protect and govern sensitive data and multi-cloud environments with a seamless identity solution. Fulfil your employee’s expectations by enabling a secured work environment in your organization by using intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence which detects and quickly stops active threats.

  • Defend Against Threats with SIEM Plus XDR
  • Mitigate Compliance and Privacy Risks
  • Protect & Govern Sensitive Data
  • Secure Identities & Access
  • Secure Multi-Cloud Environments

  • Check your eligibility now for FREE Microsoft Workshops!

    How will this Workshop help businesses to grow?

    Microsoft 365 empowers you to Do More with Less

    Microsoft 365 brings its capabilities together into one integrated experience that makes hybrid work easier and smarter for employees.
    With Microsoft 365, you can leverage the power to do more with less by enabling your organizations to consolidate and eliminate operating costs, optimize business performance, and build a foundation for a zero-trust security strategy to reduce security breaches and their impact.

    Connect with us today to solve your most pressing business challenges with the help of Microsoft 365.

    Check your eligibility now for FREE Microsoft Workshops!