The objective of this Project is to help Mumbai Mobile Creches to setup the mobile application to connect to their existing model driven application which is connected to dataverse. The model provides similar workload for form filling and visibility including offline capability, so that their users can enter data even when they are offline and the same is updated in their model driven application whenever they get connected to the internet.

In this provided system client has around 10+ forms with each fields having unique data types and each form having a different usages and functions. We provided the client with licenses and guided them through creation of new users and basic working with fields. We also provided the forms in Devanagari script to make it multilingual and according to clients requirement.


We started the project with very few parameters known to us and gradually the parameters started to increase having unique business process flows and field security restrictions which has to be embedded in multiple forms.


As their parameters started to increase we started to get the full picture of the project underhand, so with the help of weekly sessions with the client we devised a solution to develop the app in a dynamic way so that if the parameter changes in the future it will be easier to incorporate those data types, fields and field securities in the app with the help of model driven application.





Organization Size

100+ employees