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R-PAC has Multiple Websites which has the SQL database on VM as the backend. It has been observed that the data volume is increasing over time in tables which impacts the query speed and performance of Websites. Large Data volume of historical without any archival mechanism is a challenge.


IFI has provided a solution to build a data lake over the historical data and keep live transaction data in SQL for up to 1year. The archival of historical data will overcome the data volume challenge in SQL databases on VM. Also, the historical data will be used as a source for our Power Bi to build insights for Analytics.

Business Benefits

1. Improved performance of SQL SERVER that reduce the downtime of Websites.
2. The reduction in cost of On-premises SQL database.
3. Build insights and create reports on Historical data to make key decisions in business.
4. Provide Historical data to customers based on Ad hoc requirements.

data analytics service - ifi techsolutions ltd





Organization Size

1000+ employees

Solution Area

• Azure Data Lake
• Azure Data Factory
• Azure SQL database on VM
• Power BI