About Company

Company is a leading German multinational company which manufactures luxury automobiles and motorcycles. They have a global sales network as well as an extensive reach across the globe with 30 production and assembly facilities in 14 countries. Company is serving the customer with promising and most advanced automobile models for decades.

Project Summary

As the Company has diversified business verticals, they maintain a very stringent IT security guideline. For a new project, they had planned to host a part of their Dynamics solution on Azure with internet facing service and hence wanted a team of security experts to review and make it conform to their policies. Our team did an in-depth review of their requirements, considering their complexity and global scale we recommended solutions and after detailed discussions with client’s security team the same were implemented. We assisted them to not just secure but also to optimize and strategize their cloud environment to accomplish business goals.


The company’s IT security guidelines were quite extensive but not part of a specific global compliance so the solution had to be a well-planned framework of various security services utilising the best of capabilities available in Azure. A highly detailed documentation also had to be maintained and revised at every stage. Further once the environment was ready, multiple internal and external agencies would be involved by the client for security assessments and every issue reported by them had to be resolved before the larger solution could go live.


Our team of highly experienced and certified Azure Infrastructure & Security experts conducted an in-depth analysis of the security guidelines, client’s Azure environment and addressed various aspects with a detailed security framework. We implemented the same to improve the security posture of the environment and make it comply to required policies using NSG, Firewall, Security Centre, Traffic manager, encryption, MFA, Azure Monitor etc. that would protect and secure the environment from an external or internal attack while not interfering with any existing company environment.

When the external agencies did their testing, we saw great results and all major & minor issues reported were fixed quickly to help the solution be delivered on schedule.

Contouring the 360° perspectives, the team recommended performance & cost optimisations along with best practices to orchestrate the benefits of Flexibility, High Availability and Disaster Recovery that cloud offers. It also helped organize their Azure Environment for the hassle-free management of the workloads.





Organization Size

Corporate (10000+ Employees)

Products & Services

• Azure Virtual Machine
• App service
• Azure API Management service
• Application Insights
• Availability Set
• DDoS protection plan
• Azure SQL server
• Storage account
• Load balancer
• Data factory
• Azure Key vault
• Local network gateway
• Log analytics workspace
• Azure Virtual Network Gateway