Client was looking for Disaster Recovery and robust solution for SAP workload at on premises DC, wanted to move to enterprise grade datacenter with secured and compliance as per industry standards. SAP being critical workload , wanted to host on scalable and available solution with Disaster recovery for Business continuity plan.


Current hardware on client DC was about to End of Life , and client doesn’t want to invest as CAPEX. 

Client wanted to reduce administrative overhead due to limited resources availability at client end. 

As client’s office located at single location Disaster recovery was challenge due to cost of setting up DR for current workload.`


Considering challenges of client , Azure Lift and shift was considered as client didn’t want to go with re implementation for SAP workload .

We used ASR migration tool to replicate on premises and did final cutover with scheduled downtime.

Once moved to cloud  IFI Techsolutions helped client to setup ASR with two different regions i.e. Central India  (Prod) and South India (DR)

As all workload moved to Azure cloud EOL hardware discarded and saved on CAPEX investments. 

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