Linux on Azure 2 Week Implementation & administering through Managed Services

Implementing Linux on Azure seems complex task, let’s make this journey effortless with our MSP team expertise



Phase 1: Meeting to discuss Plan of action 

  • Demonstration on deployment of Linux VM in IFI Demo environment.
  • Discussion on Best practice approach for Azure Landing Zone
  • Demonstrate on licensing and open source images for various Linux flavours and offerings


Phase 2: Modification and Transformation 

  • Understanding current application architecture and document efforts requires to modify and transformation


Phase 3: Pre-Migration 

  • Grouping of resources w.r.t. dependencies and prioritizing batches based on the same and customer feedback.
  • Prepare current infrastructure for migration with necessary tools and pre requisites


Phase 4: Migration Process 

  • Migrate to test environment and handover to client to do Sanity test .
  • Experienced engineers will migrate the server, applications, and related resources from source to destination in the production environment using Microsoft Tools.


Phase 5: Post-Migration 

  • Testing the migrated resources of production environment with routine workloads.
  • Monitor the service for a week or two and prepare a detailed report on the project execution.


Phase 6: Transition to Managed Services 

  • On-boarding to MSP
  • Setting up alerts & notifications
  • Monitoring & managing end to end WVD Subscription
  • Sharing Review reports
  • Sharing ticket logs




  • Provide detailed Report of Project Execution. 

  • Document on Time and Efforts required for the project 

  • Billing Report for cost calculations

  • Knowledge transfer & documentation 

  • On-boarding to MSP