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Wuxly produces the world’s warmest vegan and sustainable outerwear. Our vegan parkas, winter coats, fleeces, accessories and more are ethically made wearables

Project Summary

Being an organization who is growing very fast in terms of appeals they wanted to ensure an implementation of a solution that secure and automate there ecosystem


Client being in a apperal industry wanted to have state of technology to monitor ut in the same time wanted to make things as seamless and efficient. There was a lot of data and infrastructure upgrade took place as they wanted a redundant solution that not only takes care of the issues today but also in future as the organization is growing at a rapid pace.


We have shared the information and have implemented the solution in where we have used Intune and have helped them understand and implement how M365 is highly scalable solution along with one stop place for security, monitoring, and collaboration with awesome application like teams.

Now they could successfully monitor and secure data in form of a highly scalable solution.

Business Impact

  • The customer can monitor the solution from a single console.
  • Automation of legacy solution into modern workplace which is completely secured and monitored.
  • Provided a solution that can scale up or down depending on the number of users or devices.

Customer’s day-to-day tasks can now be managed, monitored, and automated remotely.




Other Professional Services

Organization Size

Medium (51-200 Employees)

Solution Area

• Microsoft Intune as an MDM    solution
• Microsoft 365
• Microsoft Teams

Products & Services

• Azure Virtual Machines
• Azure NAT Gateway
• Azure Files
• Azure Storage Account
• Azure Monitor
• Virtual Machines
• Azure Backup
• Azure Automation
• Logic App