About Company

Client is a pioneer in digital store transformation and have helped global retail innovators design and implement their own transformative digital strategies utilizing their powerful API-first, headless application infrastructure as well as a modern SaaS point of sale offering. Company provides a cloud-native Digital Store Platform to replace current in-store software and enable a modern and engaging shopping experience.

Project Summary

Clients’ Digital Store Platform allows the exchange of store information across the enterprise to impact sales, business operations and customer experience positively. One of their key retail customers had their cloud environment in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and weren’t comfortable having this critical data on servers hosted with a key retail competitor (Amazon) so we on-boarded them to adopt Azure through a seamless transition and for a more integrated experience.


Being a large organization who built their key product native to AWS but when a key customer would no longer agree to host their data on AWS servers, our client needed to migrate their current solutions while maintaining a multi-cloud strategy. They needed a solution which would be equally cost-effective, secure and easy to use while managing multiple environments for several customers. They also wanted to go cloud agnostic without impacting their existing solutions, system and infrastructure while maintaining their automated deployment capabilities.


With the team of our certified experts and consultants we did a complete analysis of their AWS environment and their existing automation strategy. To continue enhancing their infrastructure-as-a-code requirement along with their multi-cloud strategy requirement, we chose to use Terraform on Azure. Our team created a replica of their existing architecture in Azure and mapped native AWS services to respective services on Azure in a cloud agnostic manner.

The Terraform templates streamlined their deployments on Azure and other cloud environments while we also helped the customer’s development team to integrate with a few Azure specific services like authentication, logging etc. Being a business-critical application for the retail industry we also implemented a robust security, high-availability and disaster recovery strategy.


United States



Organization Size

Medium (50-999 Employees)

Products & Services

• Terraform
• Azure Functions
• Azure API Management
• Azure CDN
• Azure Storage
• Azure Service Bus
• Azure App Service
• Azure Notification Services
• Azure Security Center
• Azure Automation