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L&T Technology Services Indian multinational technology company (provides engineering research and development services) with a large and complex IT infrastructure. To modernize its security and identity infrastructure while ensuring compliance with various regulatory standards. Their legacy security system was becoming obsolete and not effective in detecting modern threats.


The client faced several obstacles in maintaining their IT infrastructure, such as outdated on-premises servers, dispersed data, and legacy security systems that were inadequate in addressing modern threats. They also had to ensure compliance with industry regulations while safeguarding sensitive data. The client’s objectives were to achieve high-level security and identity management during cloud migration, enhance agility, and reduce costs by transitioning on-premises infrastructure/storage to the cloud. 


We helped L&T Technology Services tackle their challenges by providing comprehensive security solutions covering Endpoint Security, Identity, and Azure Security. Our role in their security journey is outlined below. 

(1) Assess Customer Capabilities: Assessing L&T Technology Services’ current security and identity infrastructure was a top priority for us. We conducted a thorough assessment to identify gaps and risks and evaluated their current security posture, technology, policies, and procedures to determine the appropriate security measures and regulatory compliance requirements. 

(2) Create intent for purchasing Microsoft security products:  

LTTS is existing customer for Microsoft Azure and have hybrid cloud environment, we provided demo of how easy integration and centralized dashboard which shows compliance level for Azure and other cloud 

(3) Provide adoption and deployment roadmap: we created a comprehensive adoption and deployment roadmap for L&T Technology Services, outlining the necessary steps to integrate to Microsoft security products. We as partner provided hand holding from scratch from deployment to adoption stage, which helped LTTS to achieve expected outcome 

(4) Deploy and enable features: Our team deployed Microsoft 365 Security, Identity, and Azure Security solutions and comprehensive remediation plan for Microsoft Defender recommendation and Security Posture Management. Our team facilitated an increase in their security score and aided in resolving issues related to onboarding their on-premises servers and AWS Cloud with Microsoft Defender for Cloud. Our efforts ensured the protection of their systems and data against modern threats. Additionally, we configured security best practices for data loss prevention policies to further enhance their security posture. 

(5) Offer on-going management and SOC services: In addition, we offered L&T Technology Services ongoing management and SOC services to ensure that their security systems were up-to-date and that they could detect and respond to security incidents in real-time. Our team provided training to L&T Technology Services’ IT staff to ensure that they were equipped to manage the new security solutions. 

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500+ employees

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Managed Services monitoring & Compliance - Microsoft Defender