About Company

A USD 19.4 billion multinational group based in Mumbai, India. With global reach across 100 countries . They are  largest vehicle Manufacturers with ecosystem of 1,200 suppliers and 3,500 dealers. The Company operates in Automotive segment which comprises of sales of automobiles, spare parts and related services; Farm equipment’s comprises  of sales of tractor

Project Summary

Company was looking for a solution to build an Android and IOS application which can be used by employees and Consumers spread worldwide around in multiple locations. They wanted Company’s Sales manager and Regional manager ko have a track on the day-to-day deliverables and activity for the coming days. Our team of Azure Experts helped them with their (Connected Farm Platform) to increase the conversion ratio on Farmer’s enquiries by facilitating sales team with better conversation and personalized offerings to farmers.


A multinational company was performing manual deployment and Scaling of resources which was consuming unnecessary efforts. They didn’t had mechanism set up to monitor the application performance or capture the telemetry. During the Incremental data load process, the data load pipeline was failing with error of bulk load in data factory. Finding the Customer de-duplication, created and execution of data brick scripts to understand logic and solving error for enquiries of customer.


We assigned an expert team of consultants, engineers, and developers to plan the entire architecture in Azure. Following through the thoughtful evaluation process, we documented all requirements that were creative business-savvy, technical secure and financially pleasing. We helped them for automating all the Azure resource creation/Configuration and automating of storing all the connection string, keys, passwords of the resources in Key vault for all modules in DevOps environment. Autoscaling has been set up for all the resources. We have set up the application insight to find out the exception and the web app is monitored and sends the telemetry data to the insight portal, allowing to look at the performance logs, giving full look what’s going on inside the applications. With the help of Azure DevOps, the client is now able to find and fix bugs faster and have faster time to deployment without compromising security and quality.




Automotive Industry

Organization Size

Large (10,000+ Employees)

Products & Services

• Azure App Service
• Azure Function App
• Azure Event Grid
• Azure Cosmos DB,SQL DB
• Azure Web Application firewall
• Azure Datafactor
• Azure Kubernetes
• Azure Application Insights
• Azure Key Vault
• Azure log Analytics


• Improved Code Management.
• Automated data backup.
• Monitoring.