CBMM was experiencing security breaches in one of their environments and wanted to identify the issue at an early stage. They wanted to establish security benchmarks for the entire environment by ensuring that the complaint is maintained throughout.


As the company is a combination of multiple business entities operating in entirely different industries, they wanted to ensure Security and Compliance baselines were defined as per best practices and, that these baselines were enforced across all entities. This meant reviewing and optimizing their existing IT Infrastructure, Development Processes, and Business Processes. They also wanted relevant documentation for every internal process. 


Our team of Security Experts conducted an in-depth analysis and review of their entire stack of IT infrastructure, operations, and processes. Based on this research, they decided on a list of action items that would improve the overall security posture of CBMM. This included configuring key security services like Microsoft Defender for Cloud, Microsoft Defender for Endpoints, and Microsoft Sentinel. Along with this, we also implemented best practices for Governance by defining multiple initiatives for Azure Policy. To protect identities, we set up Privileged Identity Management, Identity Protection, and Conditional Access for Azure AD. We re-designed their GitHub Actions Pipelines and Terraform modules to include more security testing tools, to adhere to DevSecOps principles. Lastly, we built detailed documents for every recommendation and change that we made in their environment.

Business Impact

CBMM managed to increase its overall Cloud Security Posture, which has made them more resistant to security threats and breaches. As they adopted a DevSecOps culture, they have been able to detect security vulnerabilities much earlier in their software development lifecycle.





Organization Size

Medium 240+ employees

Solution Area

• Microsoft Sentinel