Business Requirements

One of the prominent financial solutions provider to small scale enterprises in India. Over the years, the sector has expanded its influence nationwide and thus required technological expertise to consolidate their On-premises Datacenter’s located with two different providers.

Considering their exclusivity of the data criticality being in Finance Sector, Azure Experts at IFI recommended moving their On-premises Servers to Azure Cloud for better Security and Managed Services.

Project Summary

Being a fast-growing organization, their team wanted to move their environment of 10+ servers to Microsoft Azure with their customers in minimal downtime. Being customer-centric organization intended for maximum business availability to provide uninterrupted services to their end-users. Along with business availability, security was always a prime concern for them. We migrated their environment into Azure with downtime of less than 5 hrs.


Being an Organization with multiple vendors and business groups, it was not easy to coordinate with everyone and understand customer requirements. Also keeping the migration process seamless and with minimal downtime for users and IT team while ensuring each decided task completes within the set timelines as determined by the their IT team.


We did an in-depth analysis of their complete on-premise infrastructure, network, dependencies between system and built an architecture that would resolve all access, security and performance challenges. We presented them with a Project plan and Azure Estimates based on the assessment

Our expertise created Identical new environment in Azure. Captured IP whitelisting requirements.  For Installing the existing applications on Azure cloud, our team installed software requirements on cloud servers. Created Databases (Mongo DB & MySQL) in Azure.

Copied on-premise databases dumps and restored it to Azure Databases. We also supported customer to Install their application into Azure. Application Gateway with WAF was configured for Web Hosting. Point to Site was configured across the board. Comprehensive testing was done on every VM in Azure & coordinated with teams across the company before their final migration for UAT & PROD environment and all known issues were resolved for a seamless migration experience.

Considering their security concern, our 24*7 Support team has configured Antimalware and Alerts on azure resources.





Financial Services

Organization Size

Large (200+ Employees)

Products & Services

• Azure Virtual Machines
• Azure Virtual Network
• Azure Active Directory
• Azure Monitor
• Azure Application Gateway
• Azure SQL Database


• Easy scale-up and scale-out available in Pay-As-You-Go model.
• Automated data backup.
• 24*7 IFI Support.
• Alerts Setup.
• Data Security

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