About Company

A multinational company which is a part of significant technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing and financial services conglomerate. It has global operations providing integrated ‘design to build’ solutions to large and complex Offshore and Onshore hydrocarbon projects worldwide. The company has over three decades of experience and expertise in the hydrocarbon segment

Project Summary

With the client having different business verticals including offshore, onshore, construction services, modular fabrication and engineering services they wanted to modernize their way of development. They wanted an efficient way to streamline their deployments and bring their internal applications to production faster. Microsoft on-boarded IFI Techsolutions to help them bring DevOps practices into daily development and adopt Azure.


Due to the client’s large no. of employees their current infrastructure was fully on-premises, they wanted to modernize their existing infrastructure and applications. Also, the technology being used for Development like the version controlling and way of deployments had become outdated. We helped them take their development to a modernized approach by implementing simple but effective practices to streamline development.


We assigned a team of experts to assess and analyse the clients existing environment. Using the data collected we were able to build and implement a plan to modernize development. We helped the customers to streamline their development process with Azure DevOps. We were able to implement DevOps strategies including branching, CI/CD pipelines, etc. into their environment and move their applications to Azure WebApps. We were able to optimize deployments to have faster time to production.

The client team was able to reap the benefits of DevOps by implementing these services and practices into their organization.




Construction & Engineering

Organization Size

Corporate (10000+ Employees)

Products & Services

• Azure DevOps
• Azure WebApps
• SQL on Azure
• Virtual Machine
• Application Insights