Datacentre Transformation 1 Week Assessment with Managed services

Modernize your infrastructure and applications with the power of cloud . Trust the biggest global network of databases with a list of 200+ servings enabling organizations to grow and achieve more. 


Phase 1: Strategic discussion with Business Team

  • Discussion for requirement gathering and business goals.
  • Environment and Assets Discovery and Classification by MSP Team.

Phase 2: Analysis of Current Infrastructure 

  • Prepare and analyse Server and storage inventory and usage reports .
  • Identify security,backup needs/issues and provide solutions in Azure.
  • Server dependency grouping to create the most efficient migration plan.
  • Detailed analysis report will be shared by MSP Team.

Phase 3: Infrastructure Readiness in Azure 

  • List servers and databases,identify compatibility issue and provide solutions to fix the same.
  • List servers for OS or Application version upgrade.

Phase 4: Cost Analysis – TCO and ROI 

  • Cost of servers,backup and security with optimization for cloud.
  • Cost of workloads with Hybrid benefits and Reserved Instance.

Phase 5: Managing & monitoring workloads through Managed Services 

  • On-boarding to MSP
  • Setting up alerts & notifications
  • Monitoring & managing end to end WVD Subscription
  • Sharing Review reports 


  • TCO Report.
  • Detailed Assessment Report.
  • Transformation Benefits based on the Assessment.
  • Estimated timeline and efforts required for datacenter transformation.
  • Project Plan which contains the strategies for moving servers to Azure (on request)
  • On-boarding to MSP