Cost Saving & Optimization through Managed Services (2 Weeks)

A comprehensive cost assessment of your existing Azure environment for Cost Savings and Cost Optimization. We make sure you get the best value out of your Azure Investment. 



Phase 1: Strategic discussion with Business Team 

  • Discuss organization’s objective & expectations.
  • Understanding of current cost consumption and month on month addition to current cost


Phase 2: Analysis and Design

  • Analyse current operations and activity for azure hosted services,
  • Prepare a analysis report


Phase 3: Share Findings 

  • Present report with recommendation.
  • Present estimated cost saving based on above recommendation.


Phase 4: Transforming your organization

  • Give a walk through and detailed run-through of the presented document.
  • Discuss the implementation plan for the changes to benefit your organization.
  • Provide support throughout and post your transition.



  • Cost savings based on your infrastructure by MSP Team.
  • Documentation on the recommendations.
  • Presentation of discovered results By MSP Team.
  • Planning and Implementation of the recommended action items from report by MSP Team.